Protect our Ocean

Be a responsible diver

Dive Carriacou is
"Ambassador Center for the International Charter for Responsible Diving"


Coral health

It is essential to take care of our reefs.
In Carriacou, every year, "Caribbean Reef Buddy" volunteers come to take care of the coral nurseries : cleaning, maintenance, checking the health of the corals and transplanting corals onto the reefs.

Plastic free goal !


Our volunteer divers !

The last underwater harvest... There are still so many of them despite the good will of our divers who are always more numerous to come and give us a hand. Thanks to all of you !


Dive against debris

Our divers gave their time to make the ocean cleaner and cleaner! Many thanks to all of you.


Let's limit the use of plastic bottles

Dive Carriacou is determined to limit the use of plastic bottles. We will offer you a washable water bottle that you will keep for the duration of your stay.


The story of Mahé

During the last Tyrell Bay clean-up, Mahé was very lucky... In the middle of the glass bottles and plastics found in the water, there was US$100 and EC$5 !!!! A good deed is always rewarded...!!!

Water is life


Carriacou is a small island without a river, the water supply only comes from rainfall and the wet season is very short !
Water is precious, never forget this when you visit us...


Illustration of Maé in 2018.
Drawing made to make people aware that without water there will be no life ! She was only 11 years old...

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Main street
Tyrell Bay - Harvey Vale
Grenada W. I. 


Phone: +1 473 443 6906
Whatsapp: +596 696 53 89 15
VHF Ch. 16
Messenger: @divecarriacouWI


Caribbean Reef Buddy
Grenada Tourism Authority
Pure Diving Carriacou & Grenada

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