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Gun Point Ridge

Max. depth 18m/60ft - 28m/92ft
Level: Advanced

Located beyond the northernmost point of Carriacou, this dive site consists mostly of patches of reef & sand. Max. depth depends on where we drop in. This is the best place to find large lionfish!

Arc Du Vero

Max. Depth 12m/40ft - Level: Easy & Relaxed

Features exciting, colourful swim throughs! Great for underwater photography! We frequently see octopus and snake eels here. There is also good snorkelling nearby.


Depth: 7 -20 metres (20-60 feet)
Recommended : Beginners divers

This shallow reef makes an excellent training dive site and has enough interesting marine life for it to be good check-out. Conditions are nearly always calm. There is a good variety of coral, both hard and soft, which attracts large number of reef fish. Cliff in strata with spiny lobsters, grunts, spotted drums, moray eel and occasionally stingray. The reef follows a gentle slope down and an area of sand and large blocks gives interest to the terrain. Nice sand channels at the north of the cliff.

Jack-A-Dan West side

Max. depth 16m/52ft
Level: Advanced

Dropping in without a mooring to a reef garden at 8m (25ft). The dive takes us over the ridge of a coral finger to a maximum depth of 16m (50ft), as we move back towards and around Jack-A-Dan island. On this dive you are likely to encounter myriads of schooling fish, moray eels and stingrays as well as the odd nurse shark too.

Sandy Island Lighthouse

Depth: 7/23m--22/75ft
Recommended for all divers

A steep reef sloping down to 23 metres. There is sometimes a slight current, but the dive site is still suited for beginners and also to the more experienced. It is a great location for taking photos. Marine life includes barracuda, snapper, flamingo tongues, moray eels, turtles, stingrays, lobsters and crabs.

Sandy Island Garden

Depth: 7/12m - 22/40ft
Recommendation: Beginners and experienced divers

Swimming in the garden, looking for sea horses, frogfish and slender filefish, peacock flounders and turtles. Surf with the surge. Nice site for underwater photography.

Mabouya Garden

Description: Reef
Depth: 8-22metres (26-72 feet)
Recommendation: Beginners and experienced divers

Mabouya Garden is just one of the dive sites on Mabouya Island, just out of Hillsborough Bay. It is a gently sloping reef reaching down to a maximum depth of 25m. Sometimes there can be a slight current. There is an abundance of hard coral as well as some giant soft corals. You can encounter stingrays, angelfish, porcupine fish and the occasional turtle. We like to think of this site as a little like 'fish soup' as there are times you can not take photo's of your buddy for all the fish in the way... but shhhh, don't tell anyone

Sharky's Hideaway

Max. depth 18m/60ft - Level: Easy
Point to point drift dive that takes in exciting volcanic cliffs, great reef, and ends in a rocky amphitheatre called the Fish Bowl, becase of the large schools of fish that are frequently found there.

Boris Wreck

Depth: 24 metres (80 feet) to keel, superstructure at 16m (52 feet)
Recommendation: Intermediate to experienced divers

Boris was a tug boat used ostensibly over its lifetime between Grenada and Guadeloupe. It's last owner Jerry agreed that the dive operators in Carriacou could sink the boat to make an artificial reef. The previous owners of both Deefer Diving and Dive Carriacou worked together and sunk the Boris on September 10th, 2007.

Its structure of steel is covered with Yellow Sun Coral (Tubastrea aurea) and awash with marine life. Schooling barracuda can be met on the descent, and a nurse shark or a barracuda can be found skulking on the bridge. Grey angelfish, creole wrasse and Jacks swirl all around.

Both the Boris and the WestSider can be visited on a single dive as they are in approximately 100ft one from the other..

Westsider Wreck

The Westsider was sunk in October 2004 by the previous owners of Deefer Diving and Dive Carriacou in 28m (92ft) of water. The boat originally lay on its starboard side after air got trapped in the wreck on decent, but the surge from Hurricane Emily in 2005 lifted the wreck up and placed it nicely on its keel.

Today you can see a beautiful example of a wreck as an artificial reef. It is covered in black coral, yellow sun coral and a plethora of other small coral features. The boat is home to a number of large resident lobsters and a few huge Almaco Jacks too. Look out into the blue on an early morning decent and as well as schools of Barracuda you might just catch a glimpse of small Black Tip Reef sharks

Sharky's Hideaway Pt II

Maximum Depth: 12m/40Ft

Dropping from a mooring into water 12m (40ft) deep, we move over huge boulders which are home to lobsters, green morays and glassy sweepers. The dive drifts across the shallow reef before concluding in a range of sand channels where you can encounter Southern stingrays, lobsters and nurse sharks.


Max. depth 27m/89ft -
Level: Easy

This dive site has everything: great reef, a small wreck and a great boulder garden! It's also a place where you can see volcanic bubbles seep through the sea bed.

Point Cistern

Max. Depth 20m - 66ft
Level: Beginners and experienced divers....

Let yourself be carried by the current along this magnificent wall. Large lobsters hide in crevices. Sometimes we cross school of tarpon. There is a lot of life to the wall.

White Sand Beach

Description: Reef
Depth: 6-12 metres (20-40ft)
Recommendation: Beginners and experienced divers

Several rocks form this site near the white sandy beach where green and hawksbill turtles come to rest. It includes soft coral, gorgonians.
You will encounter walls of small fish. Very good site for underwater photo and video.

Black Sand Beach

Depth: 6-12 metres (20-40 feet)
Recommendation: Beginners and experienced divers

Sandy bottom where play flying guenards. On one side of the beach boulders that hide a multitude of lobsters and fish. On the other side, few scattered coral where you can see shoals of fish of all kinds. Near the shore, thousands of small fish in close formation. Nice site for underwater photography.

Rose Wreck

Depth: 20m - 70ft
Recommendation: Experienced divers

Sailboat sink voluntary on sand bed. Green moray eel hides in the mast. Lots of stingray, lobsters, porcupine fish, barracudas, flying gurnard around the wreck. Take a bearing on the shore before jumping in the blue and have a ride to it after visiting the wreck. 

 Baracuda Point

The reef top starts at 9m (30 ft) and slopes down a wall to maximum depth of 23m (76 ft). Barracuda Point features beautiful black coral, and a wealth of aquatic life, which makes this dive site one of the best in the Caribbean. Schools of fish abound, and nurse sharks, turtles and barracudas are frequently sighted.

Deep Blue

Dive into an explosion of aquatic life!
Starting at 9m (30 ft) and with a maximum depth of 40 meters (130 ft). One of the best dive sites in the Caribbean, Deep Blue is home to beautiful corals, schools of jacks, snappers, grunts, chromis and black durgeons. Barracudas hang above the reef and big boulders which hide nurse sharks, morays, lobsters and turtles.

Something Special

Depth: 3-15m - 10-50ft
Recommendation: Beginners and experienced divers

Several rocks along the coast adorn this site. Under these lobsters hiding, drum fish, snapper and other fish species. Looking on your right, you could see rays buried in the sand. Perfect site for underwater photography.


Max. Depth 12m/40ft - Level: Easy & Relaxed

A nice wall covered with coral, followed by several rocks equally beautiful, sandy bottom. Lots of fish. Seahorses and frog fish are hiding there. Open your eyes and do not forget your camera. 


Max. depth 12m/40ft -
Level: Easy

A great gentle dive sites for beginners, Seaview is home to big schools of sergeant majors, a variety of eels and octopus. We have also seen frogfish and seahorses there in the past!.

Lime Kiln

Max. depth 12m/40ft
Level: Easy, drift

Starting just inside Tyrrel Bay, we drift around the corner, following a ridge of reef & rocks. Octopus, eels, lobsters & rays are often seen here. Current here can get strong, depending on tides.

Tropical Hill

Depth: 5-18m - 15/60ft
Recommendation: Beginners and experienced divers

One of our most spectacular sites! Tropical Hill is a stunning seamount, extending from
around 18m (60ft) to just a few feet below the surface. Best dived early in the morning, this site offers endless opportunities for photographers, as it teems with moray eels, lobsters, flamingo tongues and hundreds of sergeant majors. This site is great for snorkelers too!


Max. depth 15m/49ft - Level: Drift, fast current
Oodles of aquatic life on this fast drift dive! For experienced divers, this dive starts takes you along exciting reef & rocks surrounded by schools of small fish. Rays are frequently seen on this dive.

Cola Pass Thru

A .

Shark Dorm

Depth: 5-18 metres (15-60 feet)
Recommendation: Experienced divers

A racy drift dive off of the volcanic rock and reef formations to the south of the island. Here, in up to 18m (60ft) of water, you will see countless nurse sharks jostling
for sleeping space as they look to rest up for the day. This challenging site is for the fearless and the adventurers amongst us.s.

Mushroom Express

Max. Depth: 15m - 49ft

A small basalt islet just off the coast of Carriacou, surrounded by amazing reef and rock formations. Hard and soft corals and angular rocks create a unique landscape. The site is home to shrimp and lobsters, as well as chromis, creole wrasse, scorpion fish and stingrays. Currents can be very strong and turn this one into a drift dive.

Saline Express

A brilliant cryptographer stumbles upon a series of encrypted messages that seem to predict a series of high-profile assassinations.

Dry Rock

Max. depth 23m/76ft

The Atlantic and Caribbean Sea meet here, providing divers with a good drift dive. The reef slopes down to a maximum depth of 23m/76ft and the hard-coral formations remind one of Chinese pagodas. Marine life includes black surgeons, nurse sharks, conch, barracuda, sea anemones and triggerfish.

Frigate Channel

Depth: 10-25m / 30-70ft
Level: Experienced divers

Fascinating range of hard coral species. The varying morphological developments have created an intricate profile for the reef and a delightful tapestry of colours and textures.
You will encounter lots of conchs, boulder star coral and great star coral, stony coral, longsnout butterflyfish, yellow head and bleu head wrasse, black jack, soldierfish, squirrelfish, glasseye snappers, black durgeon, blue tang and surgeonfish, damselfish, blennies and gobies, shrimps and Christmas tree worm. 

Black Rock

Max. depth 22m/72ft - Level: Drift, fast current

Challenging, exciting drift dive in South! Our furthest dive site. Teems with life, but be prepared for strong currents. We frequently see rays, sharks and ocean triggerfish here.

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